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LONGMA : Nantes is going to make a huge splash in China with its dragon horse

Originally created by François Delarozière and the company La Machine, the new show "LONG MA - The spirit of the dragon horse" will celebrate 50 years of Sino-French friendship.

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longma spirit dragon horse nantesFrom 17 to 19 october 2014, at the Olympic site in Beijing, the public will discover a totally original show developed and directed by the Company La Machine, whose workshops are based in Nantes.To celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and China, François Delarozière and his team have created a show symbolizing Franco-Chinese friendship. The dragon horse LONG MA was a natural choice. It draws on the symbols of China and its myths and reflects the ancient history of China, but also embodies modern China, as a feat of engineering and craftsmanship.


Like the Elephant, which has become one of the symbols of Nantes, the dragon horse could become an iconic movable fixture in Beijing. Once the show is over, this majestic machine will become a permanent attraction, capable of carrying the public on its back.



LONG MA is a chimera that is 12 meters tall - like the elephant-, 5 meters wide and weighs 45 tonnes. Designed in the French workshops on the Ile de Nantes, it is crafted from wood and steel. After several months of work, the engineers of the company La Machine managed to infuse it with life and put it into motion. A masterpiece of advanced technology, the dragon can gallop, rear and lie down. It can open and close its eyes, raise and lower its neck and swing its head from side to side. It blows smoke from its nostrils and fire from its mouth, and its chest swells as it breathes in and out.


Teaser Long Ma Jing Sheng par Yokomachine

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