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Unique in France, Affilogic, the Nantes-based biotechnology start-up, generates a new class of 3rd generation antibodies, used as an alternative in the treatment of various diseases, such as Crohn's disease or psoriasis.


"Arriving in Nantes, we immediately realised that the environment was conducive to the growth of our technology project," recalls Olivier Kitten, founder of Affilogic.


"Scientists who come to work in Nantes are welcomed and seen as a great opportunity for all and not a threat."


"Nantes was able to build laboratories of excellence, notably on bone diseases and immunology of transplantations."


Founded in Nantes in 2010, Affilogic generates Nanofitins ®, thanks to an innovative and patented technology platform.


Twenty times smaller than antibodies, these modulable proteins can penetrate human tissue deeper and detect viruses.


Derived from bacteria found in the geysers of Yellowstone Park (United States), the Nanofitins ® have great potential in the treatment of inflammations, infections and certain eye disorders.


 The Nanofitins ®, also known as synthesised antibodies, are even used to purify some medications.


European and international partnerships


The many advantages of Nanofitins ® enabled this Nantes-based biotechnology start-up to expand in Europe, Canada, Japan and the United States.


Affilogic also participated in the SADEL project, supported by the European Commission, aimed at the treatment of certain orally treated bowel diseases.


At a local level, Affilogic is supported by the University of Nantes and the Atlantic Biotherapies cluster.



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Olivier Kitten, President Affilogic










26/09/2016 to 28/09/2016

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