Nantes Saint-Nazaire Development Agency

Before you arrive

Every member of the economic and international development agency is here to support you and your project in Nantes and Saint-Nazaire

the best person on our team
who will support you throughout the process

Find the best
real estate offers

Put you
in direct contact
with your future partners and
the economic networks

Identify the talent
that will make your venture 
a success

Relocation support for your staff
(moving house, administrative procedures, finding housing, etc.)

your search
for financing

... and because relocating your business also means starting a new life for you and your loved ones :
We will help you discover Nantes and Saint-Nazaire in terms of culture, tourism, quality of life, etc.
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After you arrive

your arrival at the local and national level.

Introduce you
to the local media.

your recruitments.

Celebrate your arrival at a
« Welcome Party ».

Put you in contact with the actors who will support
your growth                
(CCI, Nantes Métropole).

Organise business events                
(conventions, seminars, congresse, etc).

Access to the Community of the Bold
(network of 400 business owners who are proud of their region).

... and because relocating your business also means starting a new life for you and your loved ones  :
We support your spouse in his or her job search thanks to our Welcome Pack.
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